About Us

rest for the weary and a reason to hope

What kind of church do we want to be?

We intend on being a loving church with substance. We will provide depth in our teaching that’s practical and will feed both your soul and mind together.

There’s a kind of teaching that’s motivational but slips through your fingers. Instead, we want to equip each person with know-how to be assured and confident in what he or she knows about God.
Some churches emphasize emotion but are short on challenging and informing the mind.
Other churches make head-knowledge a priority but leave your heart cold.

By God’s grace, we will be a church that will seek to give solid teaching and stir hearts to be warm to God and others – to be both enthusiastic and grounded.

We want to be a church for EHT and the region that will strengthen and help people where they are. We’ll strive to show how renewed life can be found in Jesus Christ, through teaching, caring for one another, and serving our neighbors with deeds that give practical help where needed.

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