Our Name

“HOPE” – not a “hope-so” kind of hope but sharing confident certainty for the future. “Hope is not a feeling, an object, or a place, but a person – Jesus Christ.” (Paul David Tripp)

“COMMUNITY” – First, when we think of community, we’re thinking EHT (and surrounding areas). We want to be a church for our community – not a church existing for itself, but for the flourishing and good of our community to the glory of God. We want to be present with our neighbors when there is hurt and need.

Second, community also refers to the experience we seek to have within the church family itself. At HCC you won’t be lost in the crowd, but you’ll find a place to be known, where we bear one another’s burdens in our mutual journey to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

“CHURCH” – We’re not a civic organization. We’re not a country club for saints, but more a hospital for sinners. Jesus Christ is the Head of HCC, not the pastor or the pastor’s fellow-elders.

“PCA”The Presbyterian Church in America.  We belong to an association of churches that provide accountability, resources, and an experience of the church and Jesus Christ that goes beyond the local congregation. The PCA was founded in 1973, and seeks to be faithful to the Bible and to the faith that takes a firm stand on the sovereignty and grace of God. The PCA is also committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with our neighbors and the world (and helping them to become faithful followers of Jesus).

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